Edward Seago

United Kingdom

Edward Brian (Ted) Seago RBA ARWS RWS (31 March 1910 – 19 January 1974) was an English artist who painted in both oils and watercolours.

Early life The son of a coal merchant, Seago was born in Norwich and attended Norwich School. He was a self-taught artist (although he received advice from Sir Alfred Munnings and Bertram Priestman) and enjoyed a wide range of admirers from the British Royal family and the Aga Khan to the common man. His works have been classified as either Impressionist or Post-Impressionist and included landscapes, seascapes, skyscapes, street scenes, his garden and portraits.

When aged 14 he won an award from the Royal Drawing Society, and from then on knew what he wanted to do in spite of his parents' initial disapproval. At the age of 18 he joined Bevin's Travelling Show, and subsequently toured with circuses in Britain and throughout Europe.

In 1937, Seago gave evidence to a police enquiry into a blackmail gang in London's West End who exploited sodomy laws. His statement reveals that he had a friendship with a young man in late 1936 who used a fake name and extracted money from Seago by deception.

In 1939 "A Rabbit Skin Cap" by Lilias Rider Haggard was published with the front cover and all other illustrations by Seago.