Bring your office space to life with original art

Beautiful art in the office creates a sense of well-being and increases productivity in the workplace. Our art is sold to companies – and also decorates the walls of hotels and hospitals – all over the world.

The requirements for art in the office are different compared to art for private homes. Usually the sizes are much larger, and the color palette is more subdued. Most companies are looking for abstract art or photography. Our collection offers a variety of styles, suitable for large open spaces and boardrooms. We have helped clients from different parts of the world acquire custom art. View a selection of our projects below.

Would you like to know how we can enrich your business space with art? Send us a photo of the room and we will make a digital sketch based on your wishes (without obligation). Contact us today.


New office in The Hague

A large company was looking for art to decorate their brand new office in The Hague. Our residential artist Ronald Hunter provided 15 artworks, in different sizes and colors – to create a different atmosphere in every room.

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