Want to bring up more individual and cameral shade to your interior design by original artworks?

Any interior design, classic, minimalist or modern – requires a fine touch, which can be achieved only with art. That is why we decided to offer a consultancy service, all inclusive – in which we work together with you in decorating your interior with top-quality artworks, originals or prints, to offer a more deep, classy, comfy feeling and unforgettable entourage to your home or any other interior.

As you know, the main concept of Academic Traditions project was founded on the bases of Anatol Ghimpu’s Paining School that shares an unmistakable style of easel painting and graphic. In this context, you can always choose from our predefined collages / art walls we have available, but in many cases – a tailored concept to match your wishes is a better way to go.
We are using originals and prints of artworks of the artists from the team of Academic Traditions:

  • Anatol Ghimpu (original artworks and prints)
  • Oxana Ghimpu (original artworks and prints)
  • Alexandra Clapatiuc (original artworks and prints)
  • prints of the methodological fund

We are ready to share Our Vision with You

Maybe it’s the right time to find a place for a piece of art at your home or office, something that is able to improve your surroundings, give a new breath and serve as a point of considering things in our mad world. Art has always served as a point of reconsideration, inspiration and challenge to ourselves.

Art may be a relatively small, but important part of your interior design. Wouldn't it be great if this art meets all your interior feeling and requirements, giving your design the perfect finishing touch?
With our extensive experience in art, we are happy to offer our art consultancy services and also share our vision with you. Contact us for a no-obligation conversation.
View our recent assignments below, and read about the experiences of other designers who have worked with us.