Ada Zevin

Academia Imperială de Arte

Ada Mironovna Zevin was a Moldovan expressionist painter. Moldova issued a commemorative coin in her honor.

Ada Zevin was born on September 3, 1918 in Chisinau, in a family of pedagogues. Between 1938-1940 he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bucharest, at the Faculty of Painting, having as professor the famous Romanian master Francisc Şirato. Here he met the graduate of the Bucharest Academy Dimitrie Sevastian and the student Mihai Grecu, who became his friends for many years.

In 1940 he returned to Chisinau and continued his studies at the Republican School of Fine Arts, currently Alexandru Plămădeală College, under Professor Moisei Gamburd. In 1947 he graduated from the Republican School of Fine Arts, with Rodion Gabricov and Ivan Hazov as teachers. Between 1947-1949 he studied at the V. Surikov Institute in Moscow, Faculty of Painting. In 1949 he transferred to the I. Repin Institute of the Leningrad Academy of Arts (now St. Petersburg), the Faculty of History and Theory of the Arts, and in 1953 he received the diploma magna cum laude. During the years 1953-1975 he taught at the Republican School of Fine Arts in Chisinau, combining his career as a teacher with that of a scientific researcher; has published articles and studies in the field of fine arts. In 1956 he became a member of the Union of Fine Artists,

In 1998 she was decorated with the Order of the Republic for high artistic mastery, for a special contribution to the development of artistic culture in Moldova and for an active participation in the formation of generations of young artists.

Ada Zevin's works are exhibited in museums, galleries and private collections in Moldova, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Sweden, Canada, USA, Australia, Israel, Denmark, the Netherlands.

Ada Zevin did not engage in art and was not a follower of academic realism, so her work does not fit into the context of indoctrinated Soviet art. The painter approached the artistic traditions of Western Europe, and her works are considered current today, the authentic art being timeless in its essence and giving us the chance to discover new valences, which correspond to modern spirituality.

1938 - 1940
Academy of Fine Arts in Bucharest, Romania
1945 - 1947
Republican School of Fine Arts "I.Repin" in Chisinau
1947 - 1949
Institute of Fine Arts "V.Surikov", Moscow, Russian Federation
1949 - 1953
"I. Repin" Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation
"Order of the Republic", Moldova
Personal exhibitions
Chisinau, Moldova
Chisinau, Moldova
"C. Brancusi" Exhibition Center, Chisinau
Chisinau, Moldova
UN Headquarters in the Republic of Moldova
Painting and Graphics, National Museum of Fine Arts, Chisinau
15 ianuarie 2013 - 10 martie 2013
Expoziția lui Alexandru Plămădeală și Ada Zevin