Илиа Ефимович Репин (Ilya Efimovich Repin)


Ilya Efimovich Repin (July 24 (August 5) 1844, Chuguev, Russian Empire - September 29, 1930, Kuokkala, Finland) is the greatest Russian realist who created the epic depiction of Russian reality in all its diversity. Theories of “pure art” at some moments occupied him, but the best works of the artist are far from them, the ideological orientation of the paintings performed by Ilya Repin was not the flaw, but the strongest side.

Features of the artist Ilya Repin: subtle psychologism, relevance, mapping of public tasks and anxieties, involvement in the life and aspirations of society, frequent reference to the moment of the emotional peak of the characters. The main genres in which the master worked: portraits, historical scenes, genre painting.