Адолф Хенгелер (Adolf Hengeler)


Adolf Hengeler was born in Kempten in 1863 as the son of the administrator of the Margarethen- and Josephinenstiftung. The young Adolf Hengeler from Kempten moved to Munich in 1881, where he studied art and belonged to the circle of the painter Wilhelm von Diez . Hengeler became known in larger circles for his work on the flying leaves , for which he was one of the most important draftsmen for twenty years. In 1889 he married Emilia Hausinger, daughter of the Munich goldsmith and court jeweler Adam Hausinger (1820–1908), and then belonged to the wealthy circles. From 1912 Hengeler taught as a professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich . His daughter Emilie (1890–1969) was the wife of the SS group leaderand Lieutenant General of the Ordnungspolizei , Adolf von Bomhard .